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Looking for an exciting and educational experience where you can climb the walls?

This active facilitator-lead program at Strait Up Climbing is engaging, challenging and fun. Participants are encouraged to set SMART goals, strive for success and learn to cooperate as a team. Our facilitator will work to tailor the lessons to fit the dynamics your group and other objectives. Learn more about the Benefits of Climbing here.

Waiver required! - Must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if under the age of 19.


2 Hours Of Fun Climbing

If you are looking to have a fun, challenging and engaging experience with your group this is a great place to start.

Climb and have active fun during this facilitator-lead activity. Warm-up games, a brief risk management lesson, and tailored climbing time. Appropriate for all school ages and levels.

  • Price $18 per climber

  • Rental equipment included


Learn To Climb 101

A facilitated 3 hour group program can be not only fun and active, but also focused on improving communication, fostering leadership and building team skills.

During this facilitated 3 hour group climbing experience you will learn basic climbing techniques and learn to belay.

Appropriate for youth 14 and up.

  • Price - $50 + tax per climber

  • Rental equipment included

  • Minimum of 4 participants


Multi-Day Program

Multi-day programs are very effective for growth and development. A multi-day program provides the best opportunity for in-depth learning as well as personal and social development.

  • Length of program dependant of needs

  • Price - Dependant of length of program

Schools & Groups: Team Sports
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