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We’re all in this together, folks! Here are some new etiquette points to help us all navigate the new normal in our shared spaces


  • All who entre must be symptom/fever-free.

  • ​Anyone exhibiting cold/flu or possible Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed into our facility.

  • Strait Up staff have final say on all safety matters including virus precautions.

  • No waiting/gathering in the lobby areas before or after climbing. Classes will be - drop off & pick up only.

  • All Waivers must be updated prior to your first visit; there may be significant delays during check-in if waivers are not completed online.


  • All lessons/classes/belay-time will be by appointment only and very limited at this time.

  • Respect your booking time; Please arrive on time! You will be asked to start packing up 15 minutes prior to the end of the booking.

  • You must exit the facility by the end of your booking time.

  • LIQUID CHALK ONLY until further notice; options available for purchase if necessary. Homemade is ok - Tembo Chalk Co how-to video



  • AGREE TO FOLLOW POLICIES By entering the facility, you are confirming that you agree to follow all facility COVID and safety policies.

  • SCREEN YOURSELF OR CLIMBER (and immediate household members) for symptoms BEFORE coming the building or arriving for class. Anyone exhibiting cold/flu or possible Covid-19 symptoms will be removed from class and sent home.

  • STAY HOME if you or someone you have been in contact with in the last 14 days is exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19

  • TAKE APPROPRIATE PRECAUTIONS when donning or adjusting your mask; we wear them for the protection of others.

  • SANITATION While we will do our best to maintain high sanitation standards, all who enter the facility are doing so at their own risk.

  • WASH HANDS Prior to entering the climbing area & after you climb, and before & after you touch your face or adjust your mask, at the sink provided.

  • PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE. Avoid touching your face. Wash/sanitize your hands often. Sneeze or cough into your elbow.

  • OBEY ALL SIGNAGE social distancing and safety directions throughout the facility.

  • RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES DISTANCING MEASURES. All climbing pairs/groups must practice social distancing 2 meters with others in the facility at all times.

  • ARRIVE READY TO CLIMB; changed and geared up as changing rooms are temporarily closed.

  • ONLY BRING WHAT IS REQUIRED. Limit what you being to necessities (shoes, harness liquid chalk, water bottle etc) 

  • LIQUID CHALK ONLY until further notice; options available for purchase if necessary. Homemade is ok - Tembo Chalk Co how-to video

  • BRING WATER FROM HOME. No filling water bottles in bathrooms or drinking from taps. (cups in the gym will be unavailable).

  • CLIMBING SHOES MUST REMAIN ON while in the climbing area.

  • PLAN YOUR ROUTES around other climbers already on the wall. Once you finish your climb move out of the climbing area giving others the opportunity to climb.

  • LISTEN TO ANNOUNCEMENTS and leave promptly: help keep sessions running smoothly so everyone can make the most of their session

  • BE PATIENT & CONSIDERATE – we’re all new to the new normal

  • IF YOU EXPERIENCE SYMPTOMS within the 14 days following your last session at Strait Up Climbing, please notify us and VCH public health unit as soon as possible (via phone or email).

  • UPDATES Check our Facebook page and website for up-dates.

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