Courses and Lessons

Don't know a figure eight from a belay device; a quick draw from a carabiner?  We can show you the ropes and the rest of the gym too.

All courses include shoe and harness rental and day pass.


Pre-registration is requires for all lessons and courses. Please call to book. 

Ask us for more information on group rates, finding a partner for a course, or challenging a certification.


Beginner lessons are designed to introduce you to the basics of indoor rock climbing. There will be a focus on safety, communication, knot tying, belaying and climbing techniques.

Intro to Climbing Course $50

This 3 hour lesson is all you need to get started on your climbing journey. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle top rope climbs and will be confident tying knots and belaying.

There is a belay certification test at the end of class.

Beginner Techniques $40

1 hour lessons will focus on basic climbing techniques. It will help you become more efficient and take your climbing to the next level.

Belay certification required.

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School of Rock

Kids classes will focus on physical literacy. We will begin with fundamental movement skills such as agility, balance and coordination. The ABC's of climbing.

Active Start (4yrs-5yrs) $250

This weekly 45 minute lesson series is designed to introduce our youngest climbers to the sport. Through fun and interactive games, we will cover the basic movements and skills.

Fundamentals (6yrs-8yrs) $250

This weekly 1hour lesson series will introduce basic route reading skills, concept of overcoming challenges and build on mobility and flexibility. We will introduce knot tying, simple rules and climbing ethics.

Learn To Train (9yrs-13yrs) $275

This weekly 1hour lesson series will build on the skills learned in Fundamentals 1 and introduce the skills for speed, endurance and technique; foot placement and body positions. Climbers will be introduced to belaying.

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Intermediate lessons are designed to enhance your climbing experience by teaching you the techniques you need to conquer more advanced climbs.

Intermediate Techniques $40/hr

1 hour lessons will focus on intermediate climbing techniques. We will address your weak areas and share tips and tricks to help you become a more efficient climber.

A maximum of 4 people per lesson

Advanced Techniques/Training  $40/Hr

1 hour lessons focused on advanced techniques. Toe and heal hooks, dyno's and dead points, figure fours and more.

We also offer physical training programs to help you reach that next grade of climbing.  Stuck on 5.10 and just can't seem to send that 5.11a problem?  We can provide a training regime to get you there.

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Advanced courses are designed to push yourself to new heights. Learn

Learn to Lead Climb $80

This 4 hour course over 2 days will broaden your climbing experience. Learn the fundamentals of lead belaying and climbing.  This certification will cover terminology, communication, equipment basics and lead climbing techniques (belay, clipping, rope management).

Climbers should be able to flash a 5.10a on top rope.  (Climbers interested in just belaying can still take this course).

There is a lead climbing and belay test at the end of this course.

A minimum of 2 people per lesson, maximum of 4.

Explore New Heights $40

This 1 hour lesson is for more advanced lead climbing.  It will introduce the student to the roof of the gym.  Lessons will focus first on safety, hazards, and techniques required to conquer this area of the gym.

Lead belay certification is required.

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