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Whether you have a group of preschoolers, or need a corporate team building experience we have you covered. We think everyone should experience the joys of climbing. We have climbing games for kids, and trust exercised for your sales team and engineers.

Groups: Our Facilities

Team Building

Mobilize your team to develop their coaching skills, goal-setting processes and creative problem-solving expertise with this intensive team challenge.


Your team members will pair up, one person on belay, supporting and observing the climber, providing the type and amount of help the climber needs—the other in a harness scaling the wall. This dynamic carries over to the workplace in the form of strong mutual support and trust.

Finally, each team tests their new skills by competing in contests on the climbing wall.

  • Practices the patience and persistence necessary to set and achieve realistic goals.

  • Increases individual self-confidence gained from taking risks.

  • Improves communication with teammates.

  • Involves everyone regardless of how high individuals actually climb.

Blend with Corporate Training

The rock climbing experience lends itself well to integration with our Interpersonal Feedback Skills and Problem-solving for Teams workshops.

Available Mon - Fri: 4:30pm-9pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: Closed



A group booking with Strait Up Climbing is the perfect way to experience rock climbing in a fun and social atmosphere.


Discover how climbing provides a thrilling experience for all ages and physical abilities. Whether it’s a corporate outing, stag/stagette, or any reason to have a fun time together, we’ll manage the ropes and provide a little coaching while you take your event or party to the next level.

Available Mon - Fri: 4:30pm-9pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: Closed

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