meet our team

Jesse Waldorf has been climbing for 20 years and is a veteran climber indoor and out. He is a certified Level 1 Climbing Gym Instructor (CGI) through the ACMG.


Leanne Waldorf is our director. She is an experienced indoor climber and a novice outdoor climber and has been climbing for 15 years.


The 2 of us have been climbing partners since 2003.

the climbing gym

Our new facility with offer over 2400 SF of climbing wall surface and over 600 SF of climbing ceiling. Indoor walls will start at 24ft tall and top out at 30ft at the peaks of gable walls.  Wall angles will vary from slab climbs back to 45 degree overhangs.  The roof will offer even greater challenges for those that pass the lead climbing certification.  Geometric features will be added and moved around the gym to create a variety of challenges for climbers.  All walls will be open for bouldering up to a 10ft and 14ft mark.  Portable crash mats for more aggressive bouldering will be available.